A Facebook Messenger Bot is basically a chatbot that integrates into the Facebook platform and allows users to have an online chat with the shoppers even before they make any transactions, orders or use the service itself. It helps automate the whole process of several customer service needs and acts as a conversational agent, thus making it easier to provide answers to customer queries. A Messenger Chatbot can be used by almost anyone, and it can also act as a helper tool for the business owners or salespeople.

If you are planning to launch a chatbot, then you need to have a good understanding of the Messenger Bot, its functionality, and also its future prospects. This will give you an idea of what are the possible uses for the Bot in the future. After all, the chatbot would not be around in the long run without any good use.

Facebook Messenger Bot are mostly used by individuals who like to shop on the Internet. There are quite a few sites that allow their users to interact with them on a personal level. The use of chatbots allows customers to chat directly with the shop assistant. There are also some websites that allow the users to place their orders from their own homes. There are many other uses of the chatbot as well.

If you are planning to create a bot, then you can either create a separate script or hire the services of a professional developer for developing a customized bot. The developers will be able to analyze your website and will be able to provide the best design and the most appropriate chatbots. This will help you get a lot of users for your bot.

If you are still new in using the chatbot, then it would be better for you to start with the basic features of the chatbot such as setting up a profile, choosing a name for your bot, and creating a chat history and sending messages to your customers. This will enable you to start getting some feedback about your product from your customers. Once you are familiar with the features of the chatbot, then you can go ahead with more advanced features and can add new ones to your bot.

If you are going to create your own user name for your bot, you need to be very careful in choosing it. Choose something that does not show too much personal information about yourself. It should be easy for the users to recognize you. If you are using the bot as a tool for your personal business purposes, then it would be better to use your name but if it is an enterprise based one then you would want to choose a business name that is more corporate looking.

There are many other ways to get a unique name for your chatbot. You can take the help of Yahoo! Messenger and change the URL of your chatbot to reflect your business names. If your business has a domain and you can change it from the web interface of the bot, then you can include the domain in the URL and use that domain name when setting up your chat history. Another way of finding a good name for your bot is to use the Google search and then change the extension of the chatbot.

One of the things which will help you in making your chatbot more effective is to set up an automated system for answering all customer queries. You need to have some system in place to handle all the queries and questions that your customers send to the bot.