The main cause of concussions is when a player gets hit in the head. When a player gets hit in the head, it means that a part of the skull has broken. If the brain does not heal quickly, then it may be a sign of a skull fracture. The brain needs to be kept warm and in a stable place in order for it to heal quickly. If a player is hit in the head, the following symptoms may occur.

The first symptom is a headache. The headache is not the same every time, but the pain can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Sometimes the headache can be mild and sometimes it can be very severe. The headache can be associated with other symptoms as well. Some of these symptoms may include: nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, blurred or double vision, difficulty breathing, difficulty speaking, pain in the ear, or hearing loss.

The second symptom is blurred vision. If a player has a headache and blurred vision, then it is possible that there is a problem with the vision. A simple eye examination may be able to help the team doctor determine the cause of the vision problem.

The third symptom is dizziness. Sometimes dizziness is caused by dehydration. If the dizziness is caused by dehydration, then the player needs to get medical attention.

The fourth symptom is blurred or double vision. This is a very serious symptom, because if it is caused by concussions, then the vision could be impaired for several weeks or even months. If the vision is impaired, then the player may not be able to clearly remember what happened and may have problems with concentration.

The fifth and final symptom is blurred or double vision. If a player has these symptoms and they are caused by concussions, then it is very likely that the player has suffered a traumatic brain injury. If a player does not have symptoms of concussions, then he may be able to play, but it is likely that he will be injured severely. The symptoms are one thing, but the damage that a traumatic brain injury can cause to a person is something else. A player who suffers a concussionx may not be able to remember what happened, but he may not have any recollection of the situation. He may not remember the impact to his head or how he may have sustained the injury.

Symptoms of concussions can be caused by the actual injury as well. A head injury can cause a person to have trouble breathing or moving his or her extremities. If the player cannot move his or her extremities, then this may cause a person to not remember what happened. The symptoms of concussions are important, but the damage that a traumatic brain injury can cause to a person is much more important. If a person is injured by a traumatic brain injury, then the person may never remember how the injury occurred and may not be able to do anything about it. For that reason, it is important to treat any injury caused by a head injury immediately after it occurs