If you're hitting at high-speed bump-out there are lots of different ways by which it can harm your car. So, you need to drive slowly on the bumps. It is a good way to reduce accidents. To get flush curb bump-out by clicking at:

Traffic Calming Road Surface Markings – Pavement Surface Coatings

Speed hump cuts 'daft', safety groups say - BBC News

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It can also damage your steering, where it can break steering column supports, remove wheels from the side, or even cause power steering leaks If you don't handle the bumps properly, you will force the sides of the tires to scrape off the ground and damage them.

The key to avoiding damage to your car is to slow down when you encounter an impact. If you slow down, keep the car running in full suspension. This not only protects your car from damage but also prevents irritation.

Apart from slowing down, you also need to be careful when approaching your punches. The best way to do this is to hold it at an angle. First, you have to move the wheel to the side and then approach the impact at an angle. As you go over the mound, turn the wheel slightly the other way so that you can cross the mound diagonally. This prevents damage to the bottom of the vehicle.