After the holiday season is over, many of us weighing more than our ideal weight. Now, with the new year approaching, we're all hoping to lose those extra unwanted pounds. But, it seems like the holiday pounds are here to stay.

The party season does not have to be a recipe for disaster. However, to help you maintain your healthy weight or to lose the needed pounds, here are some healthy and easy tips to help you through the next holiday season without causing any damage to your health.

Two crucial tips to lose weight during the holiday

  • Tip 1: Control how you eat

The first step to losing the holiday pounds is to control how you eat and find a good detoxifier to speed up your metabolism. Reducing portion sizes by 50 percent or even 70 percent will help you lose weight, avoid hunger, and stick to your diet. That said, did you know there are a handful of foods you can eat every day, all the nutrients you need, that will also help you lose weight?

You should eat mostly whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Lean Protein. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me break it down.

Foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are nutrient-dense with the necessary vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and supply you with fiber and essential oils.

Lean protein is another great way to lose weight and detoxifies the body. All nutrients are essential to your body's growth and development. Egg whites, chicken, fish, and lean meats contain the essential amino acids needed to build muscles and burn fat.

Protein is where we get that extra energy, besides carbohydrates and fat.

By switching to protein, you'll not only feel fuller for a longer period of time, but you'll also lose weight.

One of the difficulties you'll meet with a protein-rich diet is the planning guide.

  • Tip 2:  Get Your Daily Exercise

 Going to the gym? Cycling is the best way to lose the pounds – and it can also help your love handles!

The average person will burn 250 calories cycling for half an hour, so this might be a good way to start your day. When you have reached your healthy weight it is harder to increase the amount of calories you burn – so your weight may plateau. You may need to add a couple of miles of jogging or on a treadmill to your existing 30-40 minutes of walking, climbing, or swimming. The best thing about swimming is the fact that it is low impact, meaning you are less likely to injure or burn out quickly.

There are plenty of other methods you can use to stop those holidays pounds. Remember one way to be successful is to right, go to the gym, in case you eat too much after the holidays you will need to hit the gym a little bit more