Many young children suck their thumbs to calm themselves down. It is a relaxing activity and whenever they go to sleep or are upset, they start sucking their thumb or finger. Even at a young age, this is an acceptable profession. This is harmless and can actually be of use to them.

Even though everything is fine, most parents wonder when a child should stop sucking their thumb. To help your child get rid of thumb sucking habit, you can buy thumb sucking guard via

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Most professionals believe that as long as they stop thumb sucking before their permanent teeth come in, children will not get hurt. This proved wrong. It has been shown that children who continue to suck their thumb between the ages of 2 and 4 can permanently damage their jaw tissue and the way their teeth grow.

At this age, children need to develop other methods of dealing with stress in their lives. If your child is around this age and shows no signs of quitting the habit, it is a good idea to use the following tips to stop your child relying on their fingers.

Try to limit the amount of time the child sucks their thumb. Tell them it's bedtime or bedroom activity. Your goal here is to reduce the time they suck their fingers. This made it easier for them to let go of the habit together. It's important to protect your advice from confrontation. Don't tell me they can't suck thumbs at all.