Have you heard of SUP yoga from your friends, but are you embarrassed that you don't know enough about it? We are ready to help you! Here is a list of yoga paddles. Why it's popular, how it's good for your health, and why you should be obsessed with it like the rest of us.

Even though it has been around the past decade or so, we are constantly being asked about the popularity of SUP yoga. Practice board yoga early and you are so impressed with the workout that we created the online teacher training platform which is SUP yoga for the pool.

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Something you won't discuss much is water stability training (ABST) and how it strengthens your SUP yoga practice:

 Low impact, high-intensity training

ABST workouts are ideal for those looking for exercises that are easy on the body, but still high intensity. In just a few weeks you will see improvements in strength, endurance, and general fitness.


Balance exercises challenge your central nervous system. With ABST you power the central nervous system (CNS), which is critical for maximum efficiency in the load room.

Body awareness

Body awareness refers to feelings about how your limbs are oriented and moving in space. Balance exercises increase body awareness, which makes movement smoother and reduces the chance of injury.