Primary benefits of solar pool covers are:

  • solar pool covers have built in solar heating properties and actually contribute positively to warming the pool water.
  • They also prevent evaporation which is a natural process with a cooling effect on the water.
  • They work very well with your solar pool heating system helping to maintain consistently warm temperatures.

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Secondary benefits of pool solar covers are:

  • A solar pool cover extends the length of your swimming season. For chilly locations, it will stop heat loss and retain the pool warmth generated by your pool heating system the previous day by preventing the usual nightly drop in temperature. If you are someone who loves an early morning dip, the water in your pool will certainly be much warmer than the water in your neighbor's uncovered pool.
  • A solar pool cover drastically reduces water-loss caused by evaporation. Evaporation is a process that removes water from your pool steadily throughout the day. Those weekly or bi-weekly top-ups that you previously had to do become a thing of the past. Now, only infrequent topping up will be needed especially when the pool is being enjoyed to its fullest.
  • Pool solar covers cut down on work around the pool because it prevents leaves, insects and other debris from falling into the pool. This will reduce the amount of pool cleaning you need to do.
  • Pool solar covers save you money. Firstly, you will not be topping-up pool water levels as often, your water bill will definitely be lower. Secondly, your pool chemical bill will decrease. Evaporation constantly throws off the chlorine balance (or whatever pool chemical you use) in your pool. You have to monitor chemical levels constantly and keep adding more to ensure water hygiene is good. With a pool solar cover, water loss decreases to such an extent that you need to adjust chemical levels far less often.
  • A solar pool cover will also improve safety around your pool. Even if your swimming pool is fenced, the gate can accidentally be left unlatched with potentially tragic consequences for small children and animals. it will provide an additional measure of safety giving you more peace of mind.

A solar swimming pool cover really does make a difference and is well worth the investment as it improves the overall effectiveness of your solar pool heating system which, and this is more to the point, will make for a great swimming experience even when the weather is cold!