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Understanding the role that Podiatrists play in health care

Podiatry is that health vocation that is focused on the treating and prevention of disorders of the foot and related disorders. The foot is such a complicated body part with a lot of bones, muscles, ligaments which get exposed to all the stresses from running and walking; as well as being forced into the dark and damp environment of the footwear that it requires a whole profession specialized in the problems with it. The problems can range from minor skin disorders such as ingrown toenails to musculoskeletal problems such as plantar fasciitis to fractures.

The specific scope of practice of a podiatrist will change from country to country with some countries like the USA where Podiatrists have full surgical and medical privileges to treat the conditions of the foot to some countries in Europe where they are able to only use minimal strategies to deal with superficial disorders of the skin and nails. The education necessary to be a podiatrist is very different among nations. In the USA, you first need an undergrad degree, then a 4 year post graduate podiatry qualification and then a 2-3 year post degree residency. In some regions in Europe, its only a community college one year undergraduate diploma. Exactly what a podiatrist is able to do is dictated by the extent of the training and the law.

Podiatrists can use a wide range of different modalities to treat conditions of the foot. This may range between a simple scraping of skin conditions to foot orthotics for orthopaedic problems to reconstructive surgery for fractures. What is used will depend on the above scope of practice and training that the podiatrist has had. Different podiatrists will also have different special interests such a rheumatology or orthopaedics and they will often be found employed in multidisciplinary teams working in those disciplines. Probably the best contribution that podiatrists make to the medical care system is in areas like diabetes where proper foot care and the management of foot conditions bring about substantial saving to the health system in the prevention of amputations.

Is podiatry a science based profession?

PodChatLive is a once a month chat show for the regular learning of Podiatry practitioners that uses the Facebook livestream to get to their viewers. Even though it's commonly watched by podiatrists, a great deal of other health professionals in addition see it. The livestream is hosted by Craig Payne from Australia as well as Ian Griffiths from the UK. The livestream is broadcast live on Facebook and then is later on modified and published to YouTube. Each live episode includes a different expert or selection of experts to talk about a distinctive theme every time. Inquiries are answered live by the hosts and guests through the livestream episode on Facebook. Furthermore, there is a audio only edition of each episode on iTunes plus Spotify along with the other regular podcast websites. They have attained a large following that is growing. PodChatLive is seen as a good way in which podiatry practitioners can get free continuing education points.

Something which does come through with every livestream is the belief in science and the criticising of those people who expose pseudoscience or junk science concepts. They even had one livestream focused on the whole topic of bad science in podiatry. In that livestream the guest they had on that month was the podiatrist, Robert Issacs where they reviewed and tackled the reason why critical thinking was very important in clinical practice and how our biases sway rational thinking. Additionally they brought up basically why it's so important to have the ability and desire to question and assess almost everything we read and why this really is so vital to improving the entire profession of Podiatry. They even described the more common logical fallacies and errors which occur in that thinking. They also presented the sorts of behaviours noticed from certain types of people in the profession when they are questioned or challenged and just how they react to those questions and challenges when caught out.

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