Reminiscent of times past and exotic faraway lands, antique oriental rugs, and carpets provide the artistic and historical outlet for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Even the slightest touch of culture and rich history in a space can elevate the level and ambiance in any room.

It allows for the blandest of tastes to become refined with rich and often intricate workmanship details, which are found in quality antique oriental rugs. For more information about oriental weavers visit

From an established decorator's point of view, the perfect design foundation of any room is a great base anchor. This can easily be provided by the use of one or many antique oriental rugs or carpets in any living space. These one-of-a-kind pieces are able to become both a foundation basic as well as an accessory in the design element of any space. This eliminates the need for worrying about numerous ways to bring life and character to a room.

Being antiques, these antique oriental rugs provide rich history in both their age as well as their culturally significant history. They are able to provide insight into their historical past, as well as clues about their origins and former homelands.

This knowledge provides substance and life to both the piece as well as any space it is used in. Because of this fact, antique oriental rugs are preferred over identical mass-marketed modern rugs, when trying to achieve substance and personality.