Every year, thousands of overseas professionals prefer to apply for Australian work visas as the country offers promising work opportunities and an extraordinary lifestyle. Over the years the country has introduced a number of avenues for qualified professionals who wish to live and work in Australia on a permanent or temporary basis. 

The Australian Job Search Visa is one of the streams of eligible temporary visas that allow people from all over the world to come to Australia for a period of four years and practice their designated profession. A job search visa allows you to legally enter the country and find a job that not only matches your skills and qualifications but also benefits the Australian economy. 

So if you have skills that are sorely lacking in this country, this is a great opportunity to move to your dream destination and achieve lifetime benefits for yourself and your family. You can also get employer-sponsored Australian visa – skilled migration specialists to accomplish your application process in a fast and better way.

Australian Work Visas - get Sponsorship or a Working Holiday Visa

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Below are some of the most popular categories of work visas to work on instead of your dreams:

Eligible Independent Visa:

This category is aimed at people who have the necessary skills and qualifications to do a particular job. This is indicated in an eligible job list (SOL) or in a job list. Under an Eligible Independent Visa, the applicant may not be sponsored by an Australian employer. 

This is a permanent visa and is best for people planning permanent migration to Australia. Interested applicants can use SkillSelect to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and indicate their intention to migrate to Australia.