CV writing is an art. Like any art form, writing a CV is subjective. Here are some tips on how to write a CV to make your CV more attractive.

Start your CV with a clear focus:

If You want to hire managers to quickly understand your job and options. One way to do this is to write your CV by yourself with a self-learning format, or you can also opt for New Zealand’s Top Rated CV Writing Service  to write a CV starting with an indication of your job and then explaining your skills.

If you don't have a job to include on your resume, writing about your skills and focusing on the position you want is still helpful. Including a common goal is a common repeat mistake. There's no need to set universal goals for your resume.

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Make your CV easy to read:

Your CV should have a simple structure with lots of free space. Each piece of text must be less than 7 lines. You can get more information about CV and its professional format at CV People NZ.

If you need more, start a new section or paragraph. No part of the CV article you read is more than 7 lines long.

Readers will be more impressed by short, strong phrases than soft sentences and large words. Stop duplication and unnecessary information. Each sentence should be direct and concise. 

Start the phrase with an action verb:

Managed! Reached! Sold! It started! Using action verbs like these will burn your writing and make your CV more eye-catching. Pick the most energetic and tough verb you can think of to describe each of your skills and accomplishments appropriately.

To get a feel for how action verbs help your resume, compare them to verbs that say: is, am, was, was, was, was, is, and is. This verb doesn't share the same interest because it doesn't show what you are actually doing. Only use these status verbs if you need them and don't start phrases with them.