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Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

The talc was used by women who admitted to having ovarian cancer because the dust they were using was contaminated with asbestos. There is some evidence that using talcum powder, or "baby powder" on her genital area, increases a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer.

It is also stated that the longer a woman uses the powder on her genital area, the more likely she is to develop ovarian cancer.

If you or a loved one has used powder in the genital area and has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, please contact lawyers. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, job loss, and pain and suffering. You can browse the web to know that who can file a talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit?

The American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 22,240 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the United States in 2018. On average, a woman's overall risk of developing ovarian cancer is about 1 in 75.

That's a little over 1 percent. Breast cancer, the most common cancer in women, has a 12% lifetime risk. However, screening tests for ovarian cancer are not recommended, so ovarian cancer, unlike breast cancer, is less likely to be diagnosed early.

In 2017 there were more than 20,000 new cases of ovarian cancer and more than 14,000 deaths from ovarian cancer. If ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, there is a 93% chance a woman will survive at least five years after diagnosis. However, once the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, the five-year survival rate drops to around 30 percent.

Know About Talcum Powder Injuries

Talc powder is a silica-based product. Usually magnesium silicate and used in various consumer products. It has water absorbing properties and is associated with an increased rate of ovarian cancer. In some women, ovarian tissue and tumors in the ovary actually contain a silicone body that results from the use of powder.

Anyone who believes that they have been injured as a result of using powder should consider consulting a leading national baby powder cancer attorneys on the claim.

One of the injuries associated with powder is ovarian cancer. There are several other forms of cancer listed, but the focus is on uterine and ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is caused by powder. When talcum powder enters uterus, and fallopian tubes, the silicone body is in the ovarian tissue, causing inflammation that leads to cancer.

There is some mixed scientific understanding as to whether there is an increased risk of lung related to silica, especially powder. Silicic acid resembles asbestos at the molecular level, but lung problems associated with powder are not followed up.

There have been several successful lawsuits in the past, but now the case is being handled specifically for asbestos-free talcum powder, and all talcum powder has been asbestos-free for some time.

Potential clients may not do homework or powder research because the lawyer does it for him. It is usually good to know what products you have used and what medical records you have. There are many types of ovarian cancer, not all of them are supported because they are caused by powder.

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