Microsoft Exchange email hosting providers allow small businesses to utilize the most popular Microsoft email services without having a physical email server to organize or display internally. There are many email exchange hosting providers that offer their hosting solutions and every company is different in the features they offer and their services. You must choose the provider that allows you to get all the features for your small business needs.

Email account storage is an important factor when you choose a business email hosting service provider. You must consider whether the storage space is shared with all your other email accounts. If the email is allocated with a fixed amount of storage, you will find that they can quickly reach the storage limit.

Choosing the right email hosting service for your business: Factors to  consider

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The data transfer limit determines the size of the file you can receive. For example, some companies will not allow you to receive files greater than the size of 10MB. This can be a problem when your customers want to send you an email attachment with many images, long business reports, or video files.

A good provider will ensure spam email is maintained so as not to reach into the inbox of their customers’ email. If your business has to deal with spam all the time, you must look for email hosting providers who have a good spam blocking system.

The majority of service providers will allow you to configure your email account with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. You must look for providers that offer pop or IMAP support if you want to use Microsoft Exchange Server. Providers must also provide excellent customer support and can quickly respond to email support problems.

By taking these criteria when choosing your email hosting service provider, you will find the most reliable provider to meet your small business hosting support requirements.