In today's world, eCommerce is very fast-paced, and all site owners have the same complaint; "I do not have enough time". Successful site owners manage one or more sites, have a Facebook presence, Twitter, Pinterest, maybe writing a book and developing a second or third website. Where does the time come from to write informative, value-packed, and engaging SEO friendly articles, blog posts or reports?

At this point many employers are turning to blog writing services to help them with their writing needs. However, this effort brings its own set of problems. The following tips will help should make the search less painful and more rewarding. In particular, we will discuss your requirements, evaluation of the author, and price.

Know What You Want Before You Call Writing Services

Knowing what you want will make negotiations easier, and avoid spending money on something that will not be used.

Would you like articles or blog posts? A more formal article, without the use of 'you' and 'I'; is much like a newspaper article.

Blog posts are informal, more like writing a letter to a friend. While blog posts still need to be informative, give value and be SEO friendly, one is also trying to form a brand; getting people to identify with you, and wanting to come back to read more of what you have to say.

Perhaps you want a written report. Know how many parts you want to write and ideas for each section; suggest the section title. How many words for each section? Do you want an introduction and conclusion? Approximately how many words for each?

Just having these thoughts write on a notepad will make 'Outsourcing' efforts much more enjoyable.