There are several critical reasons why a comprehensive phase 1 environmental report should be produced. The phase 1 environmental report must be made properly. The Phase 1 report includes an inspection of the property's historical use as well as a tour of the potential site with a visual inspection. 

A certified environmental engineer looks for concrete, new concrete, or asphalt stains which could mean underground tank discharge (UST). He will look for other environmental issues, such as 55-gallon drums. You can also visit andersen integrated services to get more detail about phase 1 environmental.

Phase 1 Environmental Reports

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The lender usually maintains a list of approved environmental companies. So, make sure you have this list before hiring an engineer. It is advisable to interview at least two companies and seek advice from both. 

You can expect the following information to be included in phase 1 environmental report:

  • Descriptions of all services provided for evaluation

  • Historical information

  • Results and documents for on-site inspection, including photography and measurements.

  • Interview information and evidence, Data gap

  • Description of cumulative findings

  • Professional opinion based on the information disclosed

  • Conclusion: A summary of all the elements included in the assessment

Aside from that, the impact of the surrounding area should be assessed, as well as the current conditions of the property itself. Further investigation may include soil and water samples, as well as other means of in-depth analysis. You can even search online for more information about phase 1 environmental reports.