Military gas masks were used to prevent soldiers and and first respondents from inhaling toxic gases as well as airborne pollutants. Furthermore, the gas masks used by both the military and the first responders are included in the study. Full face gas mask is widely adopted by military forces and first respondents throughout the world, because it provides greater comfort and protection on the face.

The new models of full face masks are designed in such a way that they offer a better look than half face mask. You can find modern military gas mask for sale on though the face mask is full of heavier than half-face masks, they offer full protection for the nose, mouth and eyes, which makes them safer.

Also, the increase in threats from nuclear biological chemical agents often pose a risk of the health of respondents and the first military personnel, even if they have partial contacts with face tissue. Therefore, full face gas masks gain popularity. In the military, the threat of a growing CBRN is projected to encourage the need to adopt a variety of troop protection measures such as full face masks, which provide increased protection against radioactive particles.

For example, the US joint troops use various joint family variants (JSGPM) services, which are full face masks that provide protection of lightweight protective nuclear biological chemicals (NBC). The procurement of the system is expected to help the growth of segments in the coming years.