The training programs that seem difficult for the prevention of sexual harassment are in fact quite easy to design and impart. People just need to improve their understanding of sexual harassment and prevent it accordingly. More often we see the managers at the workplace busy settling the issues after an incident of sexual harassment has taken place.

Sexual harassment training has an important role to play in influencing employee morale and in the long run, this hinders the sexual abuse greatly. The worst part is that most people simply avoid the reported cases of sexual abuse resulting in the encouragement of workplace sexual harassers. Any person taking indecent jokes at the workplace has majority chances of being victimized. Additionally, sexual harassment adds to workplace hostility while tainting the company image.

Role of Body Language at the Workplace

Sexual harassment is only one aspect of the conflict in the workplace based on gender. To add to the problems most people feel confused and misunderstood by people of the opposite sex simply due to wrong body language. 

Special workshops are organized to help employees to look through the wrong message given by the wrong body language. This workshop teaches employees about the impact of gender-based interaction and listening mode, the message given by a subtle smile and eye contact etc. Teaching business ethics is an important part of the workshop.