Sleep can help people relieve fatigue and restore physical strength. Especially if you are camping outdoors, choosing the right sleeping mat will help you enjoy a great night out in the wild.

The bed mat  has two important functions: 1. It can make you comfortable lying on hard, uneven ground. 2, play the role of an insulating layer between you and the floor.

Sleeping Mat

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Below is a selection of bedding options with the main factors:

  1. Isolating effect

  2. Convenience

  3. Weight and volume

  4. Permanent title

If you're only camping on good weather days, comfort is more important than a bulkhead. However, if you travel a lot to ensure that your bedding offers adequate protection in cold and wet environments, we recommend using two mats at once in the snow or in the tundra.

Open Foam Cell mat: Comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive. The small open pores limit air circulation and ensure good insulation.  However, the cellular material made of exposed foam absorbs moisture and water. 

Inflatable mat: It is as comfortable as open-cell foam materials, but the insulation effect is better, the amount of incoming air can be adjusted, and the packaging can be very compact. 

However, it is more expensive and heavier than other types of sleeping pads, and can also leak or split. There are many types, shapes, and lengths of sleeping mats that you can try before you buy if possible.