Electronic chip rearrangement is a method of improving the electronic control system of a car engine by upgrading the software installed by the manufacturer. The ECU is updated with a different set of instructions that help the engine run more efficiently and generate more power.

This upgrade allows the tuner to increase engine efficiency by reprogramming the electronic control unit. You can also consult with remapping experts for the best services of ECU remapping in Australia via http://refineddieselremapping.com.au/.

Remapping an electronic chip unit always gives the best results in a turbocharged engine or compressor. This is because by increasing the turbocharger or compressor pressure in combination with the correct start and fill times, much greater performance improvements can be achieved.

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Installing a reset on the ECU card is a relatively simple task. Most new cars have a diagnostic clutch somewhere in the engine compartment or dashboard that a mechanic can use to download fault codes from the ECU during maintenance work.

A new control unit reset can be uploaded over the same connection using a laptop or a dedicated device setup. In some older vehicles, the original ECU chip will need to be replaced. This requires more technical experience and should only be performed by experts. Therefore, changing the ECU is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more power from your car.