It's very important to take care of the feet when you have diabetes. Did you know that diabetes may damage your feet? The good news is that you can take steps to help keep your feet healthy. The tips below will enable you to get started.

Tips to keep your Feet Healthy :

1. Take a diabetes podiatrist to assess your toes at least once a year :

Assist your diabetes podiatrist to make a foot attention plan that will assist you take care of your feet. To get more information you can search diabetes podiatrist via

Ask your diabetes podiatrist if you qualify for specific shoes. These may be covered by medicare or alternative insurance policies.

Consult your podiatrist to deliver your examination results to your other physicians after every trip. Make sure you keep your next diabetes podiatrist appointment!

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2. Examine your feet daily :

Set a time every day to look out your bare feet. For calluses, nausea, cuts, blisters, red spots, along with swelling.

For those who have problems seeing their own feet. You are able to ask a relative to assist you.

3. Wash your feet daily : 

Use hot water, never too hot, to scrub your toes. Don't stretch your toes.

Check bath water with your palms To be sure it isn't overly hot. Sometimes folks with diabetes can't feel how hot that water is with their feet.

Make sure to dry between the feet.