Some of the daily operation and maintenance techniques of paint room include:

1. Smoking and using open fires in the warehouse are prohibited.

2. If necessary, the operator must wear a clean overalls and gas masks in order to enter the painting room to work.

3. The interior and environment of the painting room must be kept clean and the person in charge of painting must be cleaned once a month. You can also check out this site to get information about the best industrial paint booths in CA.

4. The oven compartment should be serviced according to the use of maintenance, according to the frequency, working environment, regular replacement of top cotton, cotton swab and cotton tip.

5. Apart from using explosive weapons and powdered clay cloth, other spraying must be completed before the whole spraying process outside the paint room.

6. Baking is only allowed in the paint room and the paint room door can only be opened in and out of the car to ensure that no dust outside the room can enter the room. Push the media containing the paint component into the paint chamber and stop it in its correct position on the rails.

7. Before painting, it is better to check the surrounding area to make sure that the painting room is not a safety hazard during use.

8. Before baking, flammable objects in the painting room should be removed from the room.

9. Make sure the color door is closed.

10. If the painter is unable to leave the cage during the entire working process, you should always pay attention to the baking situation.